Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer trip part 2

This is just one of the star fishes we found in the tide pools near Morror Bay. Isn't this just so beautiful? I could live here forever! If God can create this on earth just think how amazing heaven will be!
We headed up Highway 1 coastal view... let me tell you this is an awesome drive to do at least once in your life!
This is the famous Pebble Beach golf course and the 17 mile drive that takes about 2 hours. We couldn't figure out how to escape to the exit. We were kinda done looking at the beach by this time. The car got a little cranky. We were headed to the redwoods in Santa Cruz area to camp for one night. Again more amazing sites... this time trees. We left the tent top off just to sleep. Waking up to the tall trees was breath taking. I just love this about camping.
We had to drop our oldest to the Oakland airport for band camp so we did a drive through trip of San Francisco, literally we went over the Golden Gate Bridge two times, drove past the Warf, and then over the Oakland Bridge. We saw Alcatraz through the window and saw a trolley car. Guess it just wasn't our thing so we headed out to Yosemite.
Part 3 Yosemite, the final leg.