Thursday, April 2, 2009

J is for Jelly!

I've been wanting to organize my daycare/preschool crafts for sooooo long. I just don't know how to do this organizing thing. So today I"m going to attempt! We do so many fun things in the year and I take pictures, but it seems every year I'm always looking for something new. I need to keep track of what I've done so I can reuse some of these ideas with the next year. Yesterday's project:

J is for Jelly Bean!
Bag of jelly beans and put a hand full in a cup for each child.

Have the children sort by color.

Have them count how many jelly beans are in each color.
I took an ice try and put numbers in the bottom so the children could put the jelly beans in the matching number spot.

You could also use an egg carton instead of an ice tray.

And finally for the older children we graphed how many jelly beans were in each spot by their color.

(We also added colors to see how many total jelly beans we had.)
The kids loved this activity and I was so surprised how well they did with the math!

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