Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec 2009? What???

Our turkey centerpiece.

How did December come so fast this year? WoW, time is just flying by! We did have a wonderful thanksgiving with a last minute change of Amanda and Chris coming home for the holiday! What a joy it was to see them and have the whole family here for thanksgiving. The added bonus was finding a new house for them just ten minutes away... another 10 days and they will be making their move back to Arizona.

We have been doing some holiday traditions along the way in December... we went and saw Santa at the mall and danced with Mrs. Claus and listened to her read the book The Night Before Christmas. Princess P was totally into dancing and listening to the book. She even won a prize! Mrs. Claus said she thought she was just the cutest thing dancing with her!

I was not very happy with the Santa people this year! They would not allow me to take my own photos, even though I bought some of their one shot photos! I love capturing the kids with Santa and him chatting about their list... but no I get one photo that doesn't fit in my photo book properly because of the way the take the picture! ERRRRR!! I "accidently" took one photo of the kids on his lap, unfortunately the kids did not know I was sneaking it in and a couple of them we not looking at the camera. I did send them an email telling them that we will not be back unless they change this policy.

The house is coming along with our decorations... the tree is up... the kids did a wonderful job of decorating again this year. I love that they can do most of the decorating and they explore all the ornaments and the memories of the "special ones". I got the stockings hung and my door is decorated. Poor Tyler can't seem to get the lights on the house yet because he had to clear out the branches off the tree in the front yard. Boy do those mesquite trees grow like weeds!
Here are some holiday spots in our house.

Opps... these are Christmas Crafts we are working on.... gifts....


  1. I LOVE the turkey centerpiece.

  2. We've done the Mrs. Santa reading as well. Loved it. Great Pic.'s!