Friday, March 9, 2012

Basketball Season Part 2

The older girls have both started playing basketball this week. YEAH WOO HOO!!! To kick off the season right.... Mamma made some cookies! Oh yea, normally I would not brag about my cooking skills, but these cookies kicked some booty! I got this great recipe from
Seriously the best sugar cookies!! I got the glaze top ideas from there too.
I don't own many cookies cutters so I used the top of a wine glass to cut out the dough. Made a perfect basketball!

I don't have black dye so I just picked up a little gel of black at the grocery store. (I don't like how it didn't dry up like the orange did. Can't stack when it is a gel.) I had some clear bags from Wallyworld and made cute little toppers that said HOOP IT UP!! Used the shoe box from one of the girls new basketball shoes to hand the goodies out.

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