Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mud vrs The Dumas Family

This year for memorial day we decided to head up to the mountians and camp. We started off the trip by backing out and then deciding to go ahead a try. We knew the weather was going to be wet and cool. One of our four had a bit of a cough, but we decided ok, lets go for it!
We brought along a friend and our two dogs which meant to were really loaded up! The drive up was really good, not alot of traffic. We started looking for a place about 5 pm and ended up stuck with a place at 10:30 pm. (When I say stuck with a place that is very literal! We got stuck and just put up the camper. Note alot of stressful moments of backing a camper and tempers here.)
We finally got to into beds about 11 ish and had a nice rain to put us to sleep. The next morning we had to make the camp area livable. Ty and I moved pine needles in all our mud areas so the kids wouldn't be falling and tracking mud all over.
We played most of the day under the cover of tents from the rain occasionally having a dry spot to run through the forest on a quick walk.
The kids had some new toys to play with bb guns, archery sets, and knives.
Can't believe we didn't have a run to the hospitial! We went fishing in the evening to Black Canyon Lake but didn't catch a thing.
I didn't even get out of the car because Princess P had fallen asleep and it was just too plain cold to be out there fishing.

The kids had a quick fire before the rain started up again and then we were off to bed. The next morning brought sunshine and a ray of hope that we might actually get some of the mud to dry up so we could get out of the mud. We decided to go to the lake and fish while the weather was nice. We headed for Willow Canyon Lake. There were open spots for parking at 9am on a holiday weekend so we were excited. Then tons of people filled the lake and there wasn't an open spot on around for fishing. Luckily we had saved a spot before the rush and were actually catching fish.
Of course every-time a kids caught a fish there would be some sneaky fisherman come in and put his pole right next to ours. Poor manners in my opinion! Trying to steal someone else's fishing spot! BOO to them!

After fishing we headed back to camp. We caught 6 fish and thought we would eat them for lunch. But after seeing big black clouds start to come in we quickly decided to load up and try to get the camper out of the mud. WE DID IT!! Yeah, and even on the first try as the rain quickly started fall. We threw everything in and jumped in the car and headed down the mountain. On the way home we had a blow out on the camper. Luckily the sun hadn't set so we had light. We had a really nice officers pull in behind us so no one would run into the back of us on the busy highway, and our spare was not flat! Yippee! We did it and the kids loved camping! So for all the downs at least we caught some fish!

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  1. That looked like so much fun! I grew up camping...every weekend so just seeing those pics brought back some memories. Of course it was 90 degree's and we were all sunburned but non the less it was a great time.

    It's so awesome you guys can all 'get away' for a weekend!