Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm lonely so I'll chat...

Well, I'm not really LONELY, but I don't have anyone to brag about my weekend. I already showed off my work to my facebook friends.LOL
This was a productive weekend, well at least in the creative crafting section of my life. Friday we finished up the 8 turkey shirts. They were a big hit and so easy. All you need is a plain shirt, some acrylic paint, and some hands and a foot. LOL And here is what you get....
I also had a sewing day with my Mamma. She and I had a blast embellishing an outfit for Kylie's big 8th birthday.

And finally with my small group (group of 4th-6th girls from church that I try to lead) we had a get together and made cute flower clips for our hair. I made a turkey.

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