Thursday, October 22, 2009

WOW, been away.... update!

OH ME OH MY... life has been busy but of course blessed and fun!
Halloween is quickly approaching and this years family theme is Star Wars... unfortunately I only have 2 of the 5 costumes ready.

We just returned from our fall break vacation... we had to crack open the coin jar and have a garage sale, but it was WAY worth it! We headed down the Mexico with 3 other couples and had the BEST time. There were 11 kiddos and 8 adults. We had each family make one dinner a night so I only had to cook one time! That was just one of my favorite things about the trip. The beach was perfect! We were a little concerned about the H1N1 flu but since all of our kids have it in their classes her in the states we figured, what's the difference?
Here are some pictures of our fab trip! I had been fighting migraines for two weeks before and I didn't have a one while we were there... tells me I need to move to the beach, right?


  1. Rocky Point? Awe, that looks like so much stinking fun. And we're TOTALLY getting together after the holidays for family pictures.