Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And we are OFF!!

That's right we are back to school and everyone is ready for the new year. (Well except Mom because she wants to keep the kids home to play!) That's right, I'm one of those crazy Mom's who HATE when school starts. Two reasons: 1. My kids are gone all day and usually come home to work on homework! 2. My hubby has to return to school too so our afternoon naps fly out the window. Exciting changes though for the Dumi kids... Peyton is in KINDERGARTEN and absolutely loves every minute of it. I asked her secretly whispering... do you miss Mom just a little? "No Mom, not at all, I love school!" Ya my heart broke just a little with that comment, but I smiled and gave her a big hug and said I was so proud of her and that Mommy missed her!
Now my 5th grader, who is ALMOST AS TALL AS I AM, was a little nervous to start school. It might of had something to do with her class being made up of 25 BOYS and 10 GIRLS! She is such a worrier and hates to have her class misbehave. Which has seemed to be the last two years. Her two best buds were also put into the same class.... NEXT DOOR! So in her mind she would now be kicked out of the best friend club. She has had such a great attitude and looking at it with excitement. I think she is really a half full kind of girl. The other exciting thing with her is her transition in to honors classes. Which when she is testing we are telling her it is for students who learn a little different than the average student. She has come close to making this class 3 times. In fact the teachers keep testing her because they feel she would really benefit from it. (Not that I would know because her father and I didn't have those kinds of classes.) Well she made the cut and not only in one class but both! HE HAW!! Kylie is also starting an instrument.... percussion!
This year will also be bringing lots of driving because our children are at 3 different schools. (Who thought about that when spacing out the kids?) Tanner is a big 8th grader. When I say big, I mean he is working on trying to pass up his Dad. We now don't have to ask who answered the phone when Tanner answers because he is defiantly an alto. He is setting a goal of straight A's again this year. (His goal not ours.) This kid is just awesome!
And finally the reason Mom and Dad started drinking again... our beautiful daughter has reached high school. She is marching in band and playing basketball. She has the boys already calling and managed to get her Dad to allow this. (WTH)... So as Mom lays awake thinking of all the things to stress about, she is one happy young lady. (SERIOUSLY THREE GIRLS< oh my I might not make it through one!)
I pray we can keep our heads above water and survive this year! I might need a life preserver thrown to me every once in awhile.

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  1. Glad our girls are in Marching Band together! It's gonna be a good year!