Thursday, August 23, 2012

Part 1- Coastal Trip

This summer we threw abandon in the air and took a family trip which I had planned in January. (The trip was scheduled for July in which we ran out of funds, but decided what the heck let's just eat ramen for the next 3 months.) So we camped in a tent for 13 glorious days (except for the 103 degree in/un (?)glorious day in nowhere California.) We started our trip in Malibu Creek State Park. The opening scene of Mash was filmed here.
It was so cool visiting Muscle Beach. And yes we ate ice cream while watching all the people working out. What can I say, it was hot and a loooong walk to the actual beach.
2. Camping stop...MY FAVORITE OF THE WHOLE TRIP!!! Morror Bay state park. This was a beautiful place that we did not get enough time to explore. I want to go back and stay at least 10 days!! We did go to a farmers market in SLOW, to THE ROCK, museum, salt water taffy candy place, see otters and amazing jelly fish, beach with tons of sand dollars, and tide pool exploring. OH, and the sunsets were out of magazine to die for!

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