Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making.

When I was a little girl my parents were invited to an officers "meet and greet" the president. At that time, the president was our 37th President Richard Nixon.

I guess I was just the cutest baby there because he tried to kiss me. (I'm sure there are pictures in the white house somewhere of this event.) However, I threw up a fit. My Mom was a little miffed, I'm sure. What a moment to have your baby almost kissed by a president (who at that time had not had his little secret discovered yet). So I guess he patted me on the head and signed a card for my baby book.

(Picture here of signed card....opps forgot, my mother still has baby book.)

When Mrs. Nixon walked by, I put my hands up and went straight to her. (Still photos I'm sure in the white house to prove this story.) As you can clearly see I really am a name dropper. See last post, Keeping it Real.
Now today is REAL history in the making. No my little one has no kisses of claim to fame but we do have this.

Notice the perfect timing of the Bible and his hand raised! Of course the picture would have been better without the stinking pacifier and a smile on her face. But this is my REAL life, remember. LOL

Now today was historical. Yes, I who did not vote for the "YES I CAN" campaign, was still moved by today's speech. I am proud of this historical day, and excited for my new Commander and Chief. So our family will pray that he will lead with guidance from the Lord, and we will pray for his leadership. Good Luck President Obama, I really think your gonna need it. I am excited for this new, young, face in Washington.
(Weren't his girls just the cutest. I mean how can you not love them!)


  1. The pictures would always be better without the stinking something or other (usually at my house it's the stinkng tongue sticking out or the stinking finger up his nose). This one is great, though!

    Visiting from SITS. Your blog is so my style - I will return!

  2. What a great way to remember this historic event! I was so happy that Cooper told me they didnt get much work done in school because they were watching the inaguration as well. He will always remember that (hopefully)...I know I will. It was an amazing day indeed!

  3. I adore that picture! The girls and I have been fawning over it since Shay sent it our way yesterday. :-)

    Guess I can only post comments here from my home computer... hmmmm