Saturday, January 10, 2009

Testing, testing, hello, is this working?

Hello? Hello? Umm, this feels like a test. Since I gave my resolution to the public, written down, and in bold print even, I have been feeling this push to commit. I now understand why the dietary people who create diets for individuals make you write down a journal of everything you eat, or when planning a budget you have to write down everything you spend. What does it do when you write it down? It makes you accountable! Yikes, ACCOUNTABLE, meaning just because I wrote my new years resolution word of the year, COMMITMENT, means now I feel accountable for all of those silly little goals. (Funny thing my husband thought at first glance that I wanted to be committed, like in a crazy place.) HA HA very funny my dear sweet husband! ERRRR Anyways, this whole commitment thing, I feel like I have been trying. I have had a few discussions with God, so that means I must be praying and taking things to Him more often, right? And when a couple of friends this past week asked us over to a football game dinner, I said yes, and we went. (Even though my almost 2 year old tried to spoil the fun, we quickly adjusted the plan! BUT WE DID IT! Yeah, (You know, the whole committing to strengthening friendships commitment.) I committed to another Bible study, that sometimes just goes way over my head, but by the end God shows me it was perfect. However, I do feel like this must be a test. Do you ever wonder if God just puts things in our path to see if we REALLY mean what we say? I have felt like that today. I was picking up dinner (yes the heathy eating commitment hasn't really taken flight yet) when I turned off the radio and had a conversation, out loud, trying to sort through a new offer to commit myself to a big project. (Does anyone else do this or do I really need to take up my husbands advice?) It dawned on me that my first commitment this years was to God. WOW, and now he has given me the opportunity to maybe take that commitment to him to help others. I don't want to really say what kind of commitment this maybe be in the form of because there are actually a couple that God has place on our hands. Hope all my other blog friends are really working towards their resolutions for the year. Let me know, I would love to hear about them.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!! :) I love your blog layout! It's really cute!! Your little girl is too cute. You are really close to me!

  2. My religious resolution this year is to go to church every Sunday, I missed so many masses last year for no good reason. I really need to get into the habit of going every weekend. My other resolution? Clean off the treadmill and walk!

    (Under you at SITS)

  3. I have many resolutions, but they all revolve around self-improvement.... taking classes, losing weight, etc, etc..

  4. I am working on my resolutions every day! And it is great you are holding yourself accountable. I'm telling you, the blog is such a great tool for that!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I made goals this year instead of resolutions. It sounds more like something I'll strive for instead of striving not to do. One is to not eat anything fried from a place with a drive-through. So far, I've just avoided fast food in general and have lost 2 pounds! Gotta love a good start.

    My "churchy" goal this year is to reach out to others at our church. It can be intimidating to join a group or attend a class. If someone takes the first step to talk to you and invite you, it makes it so much easier. So, I'm making it a point to talk to people I don't normally at church on Sundays and seek out those I can tell are visitors. (I'm on the board, so technically I'm supposed to do this once every eight weeks - why not every week?)

    And, you're so not the only one who has conversations with yourself. I talk to myself more than anyone else!

  6. Stopping by from SITS
    My resolution is to make healthy well balanced meals for my husband and I.
    I always have made sure that my kids have very healthy meals, veggies, fruit, very balanced meals, I put a lot of thought into planning their meals. When it comes to my husband and I just just do something easy (which isn't always the most healthy). My husband gets home a lot later (maybe 7pm) than I would like to feed the kids, so there are always 2 meals. Trying to make it one healthy meal for everyone!