Thursday, July 2, 2009

San Deigo 2009

Our June has ended with a trip to USD for the Dobson Basketball camp. (The kids and I ride along and go to the beach while Tyler works his basketball camp.) We got to stay in the dorms. It was actually really nice, with two bedroom and a full kitchen/living area. There was no tv so it was a little slice of heaven. However there were 7 kids and 3 adults in this small dorm. But it worked!

We headed to the beach the first day and caught some huge waves for our boogie boards. Tanner was in the water FOREVER! Of course he got burnt on his face only to the point of blisters. Poor guy!

Tanner with shades and hat so he doesn't fry anymore.
The family at the cliffs in Point Loma checking out the tide pools.
Kyky loved to board but mostly build dams and castles in the sand.
The girls lovin up the beach!
Princess P loved playing in the sand and jumping in big holes!
Point Loma on top of San Diego.
Tyler doing a little boarding. (He and the other coaches played more than the kids!)
My oldest loved to hang at the beach too. She loves to be in the water and just sit and watch the water.

The other kids had a few burns from missed sun screen. We were grounded from the beach because of the burns for one day. Total torture for me since the beach was a mere 3 miles away and I had to sit around in a dorm all day with crabby sunburn kids and no tv! But the next day we were back at the beach and got a couple more times in from begging dear Dad for another day at the beach to play. Here are some photos of our trip. We also went to Point Loma for some tide pools and a national monument.

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  1. It seems you were able to retrieve your photo's???

    It's such a beautiful place to visit! Great pictures!