Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funny today, NOT yesterday!

It was such a lovely day yesterday! Of course, we all have to get out and play. So while we are out enjoying the backyard, I decided I needed a drink after about 45 minutes. I tried to open the door, and for some reason it won't open. IT"S LOCKED!! HOW CAN IT BE LOCKED?? OH NO!!!

My first thought is one of the kids is in the house and has locked me out. I do a head count. 3- 2yrs olds check 4 yr old- check and 1-5yr old-check whoosh! Ok, got everyone,

Maybe someone has come in the house and locked me out, maybe a robber? No, that's just crazy thinking, because I always have the doors locked. Maybe, it's that silly ghost who makes noises and then makes my blinds move, no he is a harmless figment of my imagination (or so I keep telling myself). Ok, so how did this happen. It's a sliding glass door!!

I then take all the kids out for a walk to a few neighbors houses to find a phone. After the 6th house we finally find someone home. I call hubby and leave him a message. I call my mom and she says she has got a key! Yeah, for mom's who live close by!!

I can get into our garage with the key pad, but the inside garage door to the house is locked too! At least, there is a fridge and snacks in the garage, so the kids are having fun with popsicles and fruit snacks. It's been a couple hours and the kids are starting to have to do potty breaks. Oh goodness, what are their moms going to say when one of their kids try to go to the bathroom in their back yard! I can just hear the little rascals "well, Mommy, I went potty in Ms. Paula's back yard." LOL, Oh well, it couldn't be helped. I did set up a card board box bathroom area so there was some privacy and we pretended to be camping.

Well, finally help shows up! My knight in shining armor, without his keys. You heard or read me right, no keys to the house! Crap! So he tries all his knightly ways to infiltrate the house, but it's shut up like fort knox. So he is sent out to get us lunch! In the meantime, my mother shows up. As she is pulling up she realizes she has brought the wrong keys! Yikes, this is getting pretty comical now. But the kids are starting to get a little tired of playing outside even though we've pretended to camp, but the water table up and did sink or float activities and played ball, swung, played in the tent, and picked up seeds for planting. Whoosh, maybe it's just me who is tired of being outside!

Finally, my mother returns with the correct keys and we all go down for naps! Oh THANK YOU GOD FOR NAPS!! Moral of this story, hide keys somewhere so you can get into your own house when you get locked out!! Maybe I should look into a combination lock for the front door.

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  1. Wow I wonder how you got locked out?? Maybe it WASN'T your mind playing tricks on you when you thought you had a ghost.:::key twilight zone music::::