Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life update

Hi! Yes, I'm still alive but the blog post got a little obsessive! I was checking blogs, commenting on blogs, and my focus got a little lost. So here is my update. Life is all good, God is great! We just got back from a fun family camping trip. There were people actually panning for gold. I didn't realize people still did that. LOL
My kids were such a mess! But we had fun hiking in the middle of nowhere. It was so quiet! Nice. The sun was out and the sky was blue. We camped by a beautiful stream and from our spot we could see snow on the mountain. We went fishing (but only caught one fish), went scouting for our dream cabin. We saw bald eagles flying free, deer, and a few specks of gold. My favorite part of the week was the rock splash fight with the whole family. The boys against the girls. (With exception of Kylie who was hanging out with the boys cause she doesn't like to lose. No faith in our splashing ability!!)
We did have a little visitor at night a couple of nights which kept me up for fear of being eaten in the middle of my sleep. I totally thought he was sniffing the camper right by my head. UGH!! If I could only sleep at night I would like camping so much more.
We actually stayed an extra day cause we were enjoying the heck out of each other even though it was FREEZING at night. On the way home we even decided to get a night at a hotel because they had a pool. We are such spur of the moment people. The kids loved it and we got to shower a little quicker. LOL

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