Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yippeee Garage Sale Scores

Today the boys went to do some male bonding in a tent (blog later). So while the men were away, the girls went to SHOP/PLAY! I love to garage sale shop. I think because its like a treasure hunt and you never know what your going to find. Love the deals but sometimes I get home with junk just cause it was such a great deal.
Another thing that garage sale shopping does is teach a lesson or two to my children. Not only are we being GREEN by reclyling but we are saving TONS of money on items that we need or use. Like CLOTHES!!! My kids also know if they earned $5.00 they can't get much from Wallyworld but if they go garage sale shopping they may find that very item they wanted to buy at 35.00 for only 3.00 (Little Petshop Houses)
It's also cheaper than a babysitter. I give my girls about 4 or 5 bucks to spend and they use it pretty wisely! That is only spending $10.00 for about 4 hours of shopping. Not to bad!

Found this for Daddy! Princess P was thinking of Daddy today! She thought this would be fun to hike with when so she gets tired you can use this. It's brand new for $8.00.

The girls found some clothes and some more polly pockets for 1.00.
Mr. T's finds:

Here some finds for Mr. T on our garage sale shopping day..... I know clothes, boring! (The green shirt is Eddie B.)Kylie found this for Mr. T since he was bonding with his Dad though! I thought it was sweet of her to think of him!!

This is like the suit I bought for her last year for 20.00 bucks, but this one is BRAND NEW WITH TAG I got for .50 cents!! WOOO HOOO 3t, perfect for the sprinkler or mall splash!

Peyton's toy that she wouldn't put down, had to fork out a buck for blues clues. I splurged and bought the sprinkler for the awful price as stated on box! Yikes, retail!!

New little writing desk Kelsey found for 2.00 goes perfect with her chair...

We found a flat stone to make cookies, or pizza on, some baking pans and Kylie got brand new Highlights magazine a years worth for .50! The lady also gave her some cards for spelling words for free. (I think she liked Kylie.) She had a four month old dog that looked just like Chewy when he was a puppy. He was cute. Peyton loved it too! Oh and Kylie got a new/used lunch box (Cinderella) for .25! It was fun to shop with the girls. But we miss you guys already!


  1. You found some awesome deals Paula! I think my oldest found the EXACT same Picachu animal at one of the garage sales we went to last summer and he still carries it around....all for the small price of .50!

  2. Love the back carrier! $8.00 GREAT deal! I think I paid $140 for one very similar!

    I love the thrill of the hunt too, garage sales, flea markets, thrift store, lots of great deals to be had.

    Thanks for popping by my blog. Glad you liked the chicks chicks boom boom craft. You should go back and enter for my giveaway!