Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can a non-writer blog?

So I've been wanting to blog for awhile now but I stop thinking about it as soon as the thought pops up.  Why you ask?  Well my little secret of not being able to write. SHHH don't tell my kids I don't want them thinking they can't because their Mom couldn't.  Way back in the 4th grade a teacher, Mrs. P,, told my mother I was not college material and I would not get beyond high school so she should start planning my life accordingly.  (This was one of the worst or maybe the best things she could have told my mother.)  My mother started tutoring me all the time.  This is probably one of the reasons I graduated from college with a communication degree! - Thanks Mom for all the extra time you spent with me.  But the story does not stop there.....no no no, in high school one of my most favorite teachers, Mrs. L,, didn't think I was all that great of a writer either.  Well, at least my grades didn't reflect any writing awards in my future.  Hence the reason for not blogging.  I'm not sure I want my dirty little secret out there in blog land.  But there are so many times I wish I did have a blog to let my voice ring out to others, my feelings and emotions that only my family and daycare kids get to understand.  SO I decided this might be a way to make me become a better writer.  New Years resolution.... to blog.

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  1. Yea....you GO GIRL!! Blog away, and I will follow. :)
    It does make you a better writer..or at least I have been told, but being as busy as we both are, I haven't quite gotten to the better writing part. Dive IN!!