Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dream fighter

I had a fight today with my dreams. Before going to bed last night my hubby and I tried to watch a movie. He was channel flipping,. Unfortunately while flipping I saw a very disturbing scene. Oooo YUCK! I decided I was no longer in the mood for tv. It was time for bed. I woke up revisiting the scene but only in my dream. Double yuck! I said a quick prayer to God asking him to relieve me of this memory. Dori (see profile) was needed for this one! I decided I did not want to go back to sleep with that in my head so I got up and headed to the grocery store. My few items pickup at the store became a full on grocery trip. I felt like I was in a funk all day. We went to church this evening which I was really hoping to pull this funk out and be renewed through worship. Which I was.... my mind was pulled into things that God does to astonish us.
1. God himself. 2. Nothing is impossible for Him. 3. God involves Himself with ordinary people like you and me. 4. God actually cares about you and me. 5. That people actually think they can grasp and comprehend Him. (He's just too big to put in a box.) How great thou art! This is a photo of the milky way. If you think this is amazing just think of who made this! God is SUPER DUPER AMAZING!!


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  2. I am sorry about the bad dream! But I am thankful for my personal relationship with my faith. I know you are too!
    So you are having a fun time here, aren't you?! Everytime I stop by, something is new. Love it!

  3. That is awesome....I totally feel you on the funk thing....and am glad that your personal relationship with God was able to pull you into a happier place.....