Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The perfect DVD...

So with all the cutbacks our family is making for the holidays I decided to make something for my daycare families.  I did this for mothers day too. (I think the mom's really liked it!)  I've been taking photos of all the projects we've been doing this year.  (Well, the projects that I can pause and take photos.)  I have also recorded a few movies of the kids singing, dancing, and just playing around.  Now I'm not an expert on how to make a dvd but it seems pretty easy with the IDVD movie on my mac.  I'm going to hopefully find a cute label to get on them to finish them off.  But today while cruising blogland I discovered this great site, our best bites which has ideas on how to make the outside of your gift just a precious as the gift itself.  You may want to read a few of her other posts too, cookies, pretzels, they all look so good and easy to make.  Umm well it looks easy.  Unfortunately I'm getting so many creative ideas I don't know which to pick from and did I mention it's December 16th! Yikes.  Another site I keep bumping into is My Little Cottage In The Making.  I'm getting excited just to get creative with my wrapping this year!  WOO Hoo! This is so not like me.  Well you'll have to take a look and tell me what you think.  Be honest now!  ThAnKs


  1. Your packages look great and make tearing them open even more tempting. Hmm...if they look this fun on the outside...what in the world is on the inside?!

  2. Oooh, I bet your families love these! So thoughtful.