Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter in AZ

winter  in ArizonaThe leaves started to change yesterday and some even fell to the ground.  We have had such warm weather the trees aren't quite sure it's actually winter.  We still have changed our wardrobe because I refuse to wear shorts in December!  I love the idea of jumping in a big pile of leaves with the kids, but our trees are still a little young to produce a big pile.  Of course that doesn't stop the kids from trying. My youngest has also discovered Christmas lights and loves to ooohhh and awwww as we walk past each house.  This will be a nightly treat for me!
Love this quote from a 2yr old in my house today....
"I never get a break around here!"  (This was after he got in trouble hitting someone with the rake he took from another two year old.)LOL  Got to love those kids.

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