Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love my tree.

I love our Christmas tree. This year it is even better because the kids did so much of the work. I didn't even have to pull it out of the box. (Tree was a super deal from a neighbors garage sale for $5.00, pre-lit and super easy to put up! Yeah garage sales!) I love to look at the tree all lit up and remember all the ornaments and where they came to find a home on our tree. I think it will be hard to give up those sweet homemade ornaments my children have made through the years! Just getting up in the morning when its still dark and turning on the lights of the tree and thinking about why we even celebrate Christmas is such a blessing.  My hope is for everyone to take a little time out of this busy holiday and enjoy a moment each day where you can reflect on the reason for the season.


  1. Right back at you...did you see that you are the only one I am following...hee hee. Actually, I haven't taken the time to start adding all my favs and I didn't want you to be left hanging out all by yourself. We can hang together.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi.

    I see you are new to blog land and I wanted to welcome you.

    I think your teachers were WRONG! I like the way you write. Plus there is no right or wrong way to write when it comes to your blog. It's yours. You make the rules! Being a mom is a good reason to blog. It's like a diary for your children when they get older.

    Love the post about what your little one likes to do. I laughed at cute photos.

    I also think a tree and all decorations at Christmas should be full of memories and happy times. I love your tree too.

    I hope to get you know you better so please stay in touch.


  3. Paula! I love this tree. It is beautiful and extra "green" since it was recycled. Bravo!
    I am so glad you've joined the bloggy community; you are now officially a writer too.