Saturday, December 6, 2008

What my 2 yr old finds funny!

1. Climbing onto chairs to get into cupboards that mom has put stuff in to keep away from me.
2. Playing in the toilet with a whole roll of toilet paper.
3. Pushing the water button on the front of the fridge to create my own pool of water on the kitchen floor to play in.
4.Taking off all my clothes after my mom has just wrestled me down to get me dresses.
5. Jumping in mud puddles in the back yard with my new shoes and then coming into the house to make mud prints with my shoes on the clean floor.
6.  Painting with paint on everything but the paper mom gave me, especially my lovely face.

7.  Getting on my tippy, tippy toes to reach in the drawer to get out the pencils and pens to draw pretty pictures all over the walls.
8. Dumping nails (along with a screwdriver, hammer and anything else I could fit) down the toilet hole that Daddy was fixing just to see where they would go.
9.  Throwing food on the floor.
10. Giving Mommy boggie kisses.


  1. Your 2 year old and mine must be plotting together on some toddler blog.....