Friday, December 5, 2008

Learning to blog!

Step 1. Read blogs to get an idea on what to blog.
Step 2. Make a blog
Step 3. Ignore all work needing to be done like laundry, clean-up, dishes, ect.
Step 4. Hmm figure out how to work your blog and make it pretty. (Haven't got that down yet.)
Step 5. Have actual people read you blog worthy site. LOL this may take awhile.
Step 6. Have a reason for blogging. What is your goal?

While the idea of blogging sounds fun, it is a complicated thing. Well at least for this blonde! I have a few blogs I read daily and really get miffed when they don't blog. It's like a tv show. You don't want to miss an episode. Now I have started reading the blogs they follow as well. (Does this mean I'm getting addicted to blogging?) I am finding such great crafts, ideas to perk up the house, and even just taking a step back to notice things like the trees changing colors through beautiful pictures my friends post. Oh, and saving money by learning how to use coupons properly. What a new great game this has brought to my life! Now, I would love to say that I have ran right away from my computer to try some of these new crafts but I can't seem to find the time. I'm not really sure how these wonderful women can fit it all in. Maybe they don't have 2 year olds just waiting for Mommy to get on the computer so they can climb on the counters and get into the cupboards. Maybe its because they use laptops and can actually see their kids getting into trouble. Not sure but it is something to consider when jumping into the game of blogging. With all that said. I have found this new past time exciting and tempting at the same time. I would really like my blog to be something my kids and family can look back on and say, wow Mom really did have some meaning in her life.
Here is a blogspot that said paste this on your site or "embed it" ???? Like I said still learning. So I'm gonna try it and see what happens. LOL

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  1. go paula! i will read your blog. :) you're so tech-savvy!